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 Custer Post 46, American Legion Department of South Dakota is a Veterans Organization, located in Custer SD.

We proudly serve Veterans, their Families and the Community.


Custer Post #46, The American Legion, South Dakota Department was established by Temporary Charter on

28 July 1919 in Custer City, South Dakota. Permanent Charter was granted on 06 May 1931. Residing in various locations in it's over one century of existence, the Post Home is now in the Custer School District Administration Building where it continues its activities to support veterans affairs and the community of Custer.












Myron Lewis Shade

First Elected Commander

South Dakota Department

1919 - 1920

Though Custer Post #46 has had many notable members, one occupies a unique position. He has served as the Superintendent of Custer State Park and Superintendent of the C. C. C. He is a Past Commander of the Spanish War Veterans as well as the First Department Commander of The American Legion in South Dakota. He was twice Commander of Custer Post #46, American Legion, in 1926 and 1930. Col. Shade passed away August 7th, 1949. He is buried in Section 7 Row 3 Site 15 of the Hot Springs National Cemetery, South Dakota. 

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Post 46 Charter.jpeg
Original Membership Roll.jpeg


These are the Legionnaires, who created Post #46. Though they have passed mortal coil, the Post and its works, endure as their legacy.

Charles Sager     C.M. Sheehan     Herbert A. Miller     Floyd C. Carr

Virgil W. Beatty     David B. Haxby     Edward C. Rogers     Elmer E. Thomas

Elmo G. Adams     Lewis D. Godsey     George L. Miller     Joseph F. Mallon

H.I. Donaldson     Louis J Bignell     John Goding     Carl A. Hunter

Charles Heuman     Frank C. Bond     Walter Robert     E.A. Sutherland

Harold R. Hanley     Mark Hendrickson

Post 46 1919.jpg

Custer Weekly Chronicle

September 20 1919

Post 46 Commanders

If anyone has knowledge of who was the Post Commander for the year 1920  please contact Post 46.

Robert H. McCullagh 1919, 1927

Robert H. McCullagh1920 ??

Elmo G. Adams 1921, 1922

Floyd C. Carr  1923, 1924

James A. Fitzgerald 1925

Myron L. Shade 1926 & 1930

Robert T. Morgan 1928, 1929

Irving Fox 1931

 Hugh Nicholl 1932

Harry Milton 1933

Joe Steger 1934

Millard G. Scott 1935

Wilbur Gruner 1936

Carl Roseberry 1937

Sid Manary 1938

Elva A. Snow 1939

Ed Gray 1940, 1941

Jacob Roesser 1942, 1943

Fred Wheeler 1944

Melvin J. Gibbs 1945

Purl D. Peterson 1946

Shea F. Lindamond 1947

John H. Snodgrass 1948, 1953

Jack Stewart 1949

Harold Varin 1950, 1955

Darrell Tripet 1951

Robert Aalseth 1952

Wendell Lane 1954

William A. Mayhew 1956

Clifford G. Dretsch 1957

Henry D. Toppen 1958

Vern L. Carroll 1959,1975 - 1978

Carl A. Sward 1960

Vernon N. Keller 1961

Warren Leek 1962

Ralph Calvin 1963

Douglas A. Olson 1964

Thomas Morse 1965

Guy Hendrickson 1966

George C. Bland 1967

Fred Warfel 1968, 1969

Donald Parsons 1970

Carl Heidepriem 1971

Eugene Reese 1972, 1973

Don Parsons 1974

Clyde Wegher 1979, 1980

Wayne Arp 1981

Robert Robertson 1982

Dale L. Burns 1983

Byron A Hazeltine 1984-1986

Albert C. Tweden 1987

Ted Dubbelde 1988

Gary E. Eley 1989

Lewis Proctor 1990, 1991

Francis Marso 1992

Albert C. Tweden 1993

Kenneth Glaser 1994-1996

Curtis E. Halverson 1997, 1998

Nick D. Jackson 1999-2002

John Hantz 2003 - 2006

Darly Kremer 2007- 2010

Mark A. Mills 2011- 2013

Donald R. Hone 2014 - 2021

(Longest Continous Commander to Date)

Glen E. Talley Jr. 2022 - Present

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