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About Us


"For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred per-cent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in all wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and masses; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of Justice, Freedom and Democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness."


This is the preamble to our Post's constitution. Today people would think of it as a mission statement. It is that and more. Our preamble guides the Post's activities and regulates the Post's existence.


Custer Post #46, The American Legion, South Dakota Department was established by Temporary Charter on

28 July 1919 in Custer City, South Dakota. Permanent Charter was granted on 06 May 1931. Residing in various locations in its over one century of existence, the Post Home is now in the Custer School District Administration Building where it continues its activities to support veterans' affairs and the community of Custer. Charter Members are remembered and listed on the History. 

Organizational Status

Custer Post # 46 is an unincorporated, organized, veterans (patriotic) association; properly established with the IRS, experiencing revenue, and possessing certain federal tax exemptions. The Post is chartered under the South Dakota Department of the American Legion. It was established with the IRS on April 04, 1984, as a 501(c)(19) Exempt Organization under the auspices of the American Legion National Headquarters.

Regulating Documents

The Post was established by Charter, created by Constitution, and regulated through By-laws. All are available at the "Documents and Publications" page of this website.

Operations & Activities

Post operations are conducted by its officers who are listed below. Activities are proposed and approved by members at Post meetings and conducted by the members with Post Officer support.


Regular business meetings are conducted the second Tuesday of each month (with one exception) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. They are held in room 105 of our Post Home, the Custer School District Administration Building (Old Custer High School) at 527 Montgomery St, Custer SDThe annual exception to the monthly schedule is each March when the business meeting is replaced by an open meeting for the Legion Birthday supper. Visiting Legionnaires are welcome and should contact the Post Adjutant at (605) 673-3930 to arrange attendance. Those attending should arrive not later than 6:15 p.m.

Note: Entry is from the Montgomery St. doors and same level parking is available immediately east of the doors.


In addition to its American Legion hierarchy, Custer Post #46 is affiliated with:

    • Custer Senior Center Life Member

    • Cold Springs Historical Society Life Member

    • Custer Area Veterans Memorial Member

    • Custer Area Chamber of Commerce Member

Post 46 Officers

Commander                                                  Glen E Talley Jr  (Custer County Vice Commander)

1st Vice Commander                                    Corbin Herman

2nd Vice Commander                                   Richard Brierly 

Adjutant                                                          Don Hone  (District 2 Vice Commander)

Finance Officer                                              James "Pat" Flanagan

Chaplain                                                          Rob McWhorter

Sgt At Arms                                                     Todd McBride

Americanism                                                   Steve Hone

Public Relations                                              Jim Welch  (Custer County Commander)

Executive Board (At Large)                            Jim Welch

VFW 3442 Liason                                            Tony Gonsor

 Auxiliary Unit 46 Officers

President                    Dawn Murray
First Vice President    Pat Hattervig
Secretery                  Amanda Carlin
Treasure                       Sara McBride
Chaplin                        Mary Gonsor


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 S. A. L. Officers
South Dakota Squadron 46
Sons of the American Legion

Commander                                                   Steve  Hone 

Vice Commander                                          Mark Geraets

Adjutant                                                     David Lehman        Finance Officer                                              Pat Flanagan​  

Chaplain                                                         Brandon Brierly                            

Director                                                   Mark Geraets 

Assistant Director                                   Corbin Herman

Secretary                                                 Paul Larson

Treasurer                                                 Pat Flanagan

Ride Captain                                          Steve Hone

Assistant Road Captain                         

Sgt at Arms                                            Bob Hugelman    Chaplain                                                 Tom Burke

Historian                                                 Tony Gonsor     

Custer Chapter 46

American Legion Riders

 MG Fredrick Steele  GAR POST 94
Founding Members & Membership

MG Frederick Steel



Post 94 was chartered December 7, 1885, with the following members:

Booth, S.M; Boyden, J.A.; Carr, J.C.; Feay, A.T.; Fisher, J.S.; Flick, D.W.; Foster, J.W.; Green, G.H.; Haserodt, C.A.: Johnson, Alfred; Lavoie, J.B.; Lunger, James; Shankland, S.BR; Smith; A.P.; Stone, H.J. and Wilcox, Absalom.


Those Members in Bold are buried in the Custer City Cemetery

Allebach, Francis;   Private

Arnold, T.H.;   Private

Ayers, F.M.; b. Humansville, MO 1843. Private and Corporal, Co. C 8th MO Cav.; 1862 to March 7, 1865

Baker, John F.; b. South Bend, IN  1843

Belknap, C.M.;   Private

Booth, Stephen M.;   Private, Co. E 38th WI Inf

Bower, Israel; b. NY 1846;   Private and Sergeant, Co. D 4th WI Cav.; Feb 2nd 1864 to May 28th 1866

Boyden, J.A.,   Private

Boynton, Francis A.;  b New Hampshire, 1833;   Private and Captain, Co F 7th WI Inf;

Aug 19th 1861 to July 13th  1865

Brady, James   Private

Cannon, W.J.; b England 1814;   Private, Co. F 7th IA Cav; Dec 27th 1863 to May 17th 1866

Carr, John C.; b Ohio 1837;   Private and Sergeant, Co H 3rd IA  June 9th 1861 to July 1864

Clark, James;   Private, Co F 129th Ohio Vol.;  Co. B 174th Ohio Vol.

Cole, Abner L.; b 1844;  Private, Co. H 9th NY Cav 1862 to 1865

Cole, James R.;  Q.M.S. Co. F 4th WI Cav; July 10th 1861 to July 18th 1864

Conover, Robert F.; b Jeanesville PA,, 1839;  Private and 1st LT., Co B 7th IN Inf.; Co A 135th IN Inf

April 15th 1861 to ______

Courtney, D.W.; b Ohio;  Private and Com.Sgt.; Co F 13th Ohio V.I. June 4th 1861 to Jan 13th 1866

Crary, D.C.;  Private

Collins, John A.; (aka. John A. Cox); b OH 1841;  Private, Co G 1st OH Inf; August 1861 to 1864

Crusen, J.R.;  b MI 1837;  Private Co F 26th IA Inf; Aug 11th 1862 to June 6th 1865

Damon, Joseph;  Private

Drew, A.W.;  b Stoneham, ME, 1846;  Private, Co. D 65th IL Inf; April 7th 1862 to April 8th 1865

Edmons, Oliver;  b Norway, 1844; Private, Co. D 36th  IL Inf;  1861 to Sep 1864

Feay, Alfred T.;   Private

Fisher, J.S.;   Private

Fletcher, W.E.;  Private, 1st Kansas,; 1861 and served 3 months

Flick, D.W.;   Private

Flynn, E.H.;   Private

Foley, Michael;  b Ireland;  Private, Co's H and I 4th U.S. Artillery  April 9th 1862, served 3 years

Foster, J.W.;  Private

Gaylord, George W.;  b Lee Col, IL, 1845;  Private and 1st LT., 2nd Battery MN Vol; Oct 10th 1861 to Aug 16th 1865

Gillette, Url;   Private

Green, George H.;  Private

Hansen, F. E.;   Private

Haserodt, Charles  A.;   Private

Hunt,  E.C.;   Private

Jackson, Stephen;  b Augusta OH, 1843; Private and Corporal; A Co. 32nd OH Inf; July 12th 1861 to 5th July 1865

Johnson, Alfred;  b England  1847;  Private, Co A 296th PA

Johnston, C.S.;  b IN, 1840

Lavole, J.B.;  Private in a Dakota Regiment

Lunger, James; b PA, 1834;  Private,  Co. I 141st PA Inf; Aug 12th 1882 to May 28th 1865

Maple, James B.; b Ohio 1837;  Private and Corporal, Co. C 86th O.V. Inf; June 5th 1861 to Sep 25th 1861

McAdam, William F.;  b Philidelphia, PA;  Priate, Co. H 50th PA Inf

McCarthy, J.R.;  Private

McGregor, Morris M.; b Ohio, 1846;  Private, Co. F 66th OH Inf; July 18th 1862 to May 24th 1865

McGuire, Dennis;  Private

McKee, H.W.;  Private

McKee, Robert; Private

McKirahan, Josiah;  b Belmont Co. OH;  Private,  Co. F 66th OH Inf;  July 21st 1861 to Nov 30th 1862

McKnight, Adam;  b Dolphin, PA., 1846; Private and 2nd Lt, Co. F 5th PA Vol Inf; 4th PA Vol Cav.; April 20 1861 to July 1st 186

McLaughlin, M;  Private

McProcunier, F.;  b Canada, 1838;  Private,  Co. E 7th IL Cav; March 1st to Sept 23rd 1865

McVey, E.K.;  Private

Merrifield, Harry;  b IN  1837;  Private,  Co. I 3rd IA Inf

Mills, Anson K.;  b NY  1843;  Private,  Co. D 23rd OH; 1861 to 1864

Monaghan, T.L.;  Private

Nelson, Irvin;  Private

Palmer,  J.S.;  Private

Pike, J. W.;  Private

Pomroy, Robert;  b  IL, 1840;  Private and 2nd Lt., Co., I 1st IL Cav.;  Co. C 87th IL  Cav; May 1861 to July 3rd 1865

Porter, B F.;  Private

Putnam,  A.C.;  b NY,  1843;  Private,  Co., E 31st IA Inf; Aug 14th 1862 to 1863

Riley, John;  Private

Rogers, Hezekiah D.; Private,  Co. A 46th WI Inf

Rue, L. L.;  Private,  Co. C 3rd MN Inf

Rue, L.S.;  Private

Ruchel, Henry;  b. Gemany, 1842;  Private,  Co B 58th IL Inf;  Dec 16th 1863 to  April 1st 1866

Shankland, Samuel R.;   b Summerfield  OH  1836;  Private,, Co A 2nd CA Inf June 18th 1864 to June 30th 1866

Slater, George M.;  Private, Co. G 128th IN

Smith, Albion P.;  Private

Smith, Daniel;  b OH,  1844; Private, Co.  I 15th OH Inf; Sep 2nd 1861 to Jan 1st 1866

Smith, John;  Private

Smith, Lyman;  b NY,  1842; Private,  Co. D 5th WI Inf;  Aug 7th 1864 to June 29th 1865

Stqalcup, J.;  b WV,  1843;  Private,  Co. G 39th MO  Inf

Stoflet, G. W.;  Private

Stone,  Henry  J.;  b  MI,  1843;  Private,  Co D 10th IA Inf; Aug 1861 to Aug 1865

Strode, Newton;  b OH,  1846;  Private Co D 15th IA Inf; Oct 13th 1863 to Aug 5th 1865

Sweet, T. P.;  Private,   20th IL

Tubbs, Lester;  b  Vermont  1833;  Private,  Co A 12th MI Inf;  Nov 14th 1863 to Feb 15th 1866

Wilcox, Absolom;  b Canada, 1831;  Private and Sergeant,  Co., E 25th MO Inf; Co C 1st MO Eng.;  Feg 26th 1862 to March 7th 1865

Willard, A. M.;  b WI  1848;   Private,, Co A 43rd WI Inf

Withrow, Isaac;  b Kentucy;   Private  Co  A 4th IA; 1861 to 1863

Wood, Ruggles;  b IL;  Private, Co  G 75th IL Vol;  Aug 12th 1862 to Jan 12th 1865

Notable Members

 Francis H. Case, past Representative and Senator

Harold H. Handley, past Circuit Court Judge

M. L. Slade, First Department Commander past State Highway Commissioner, and first Superintendent of Custer State Park

Clarence Cowlaski past State Veterans Service Officer

Kenneth L. Glaser, past Grand Master of South Dakota Masons and past Custer County Veteran Service Officer

Darold D. Couch, past VFW Department Commander

Ken Irwin, past Custer County Commission Chairman and past County Veteran Service Officer

Donna Talley, Executive Director of W.E.A.V.E. Member of Daughters of Republic of Texas & Daughters of American Revolution, ZONTA, BETA , Founding Member/Board Member - South Dakota Coalition for Children and 2014 Custer "Citizen of the Year," Daughters of the American Revolution, as the 2024 Honoree for Women in American History, for South Dakota

Harold Stickney, past Mayor of Custer City

Corbin Herman, past Mayor of Custer City

Jim Brickey, past Mayor of Hill City

Curtis Halverson, past SD Department American Legion Vice Commander, past Post Commander

Edwin Thompson, past SD Department American Legion Vice Commander​

Custer Post 46 Legion Family

Legion Riders.jpg

Custer Post 46 maintains Charters for both the Legion Riders and Sons of the American Legion

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