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Publications and Documents  

The intent of this page is to make readily available the critical publications and documents necessary to organization & regulation of Custer Post #46. Of course, there is no end to organizational paperwork.  Our guiding principle for items on this page is to provide information which each member should have immediate access to.
In addition to these guiding documents, it would be appropriate to also recognize some of the notable members of Custer Post #46, who have helped sustain these documents since 1919.​   Since the beginning of Custer Post 46, in 1919, its members have held a variety of positions. Those positions have all, in some way, contributed to the founding Four Pillars of the American Legion. Below is just a sampling of some Post 46 members who have contributed to those founding principles.

Don't be surprised as the contents of this page change from time-to-time. That will be inevitable as documents change and we gain in experience!

National Constitution-and-By-laws.jpg
Resolution and Reports
Consolidated Post Report
Legislative Agenda 2022 Commanders-Testimony

Custer Post 46 -Constitution

Custer Post 46 By-Laws

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